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Sigma Beta Club

     The National Sigma Beta Club Foundation was incorporated on June 1, 2005. It was organized for the purpose of developing policies and procedures for the operation of the of Sigma Beta Clubs, the youth affiliate entity of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Our Sigma Beta Club members consist of young males between the ages of 8 and 18, which is organized with the expressed purpose of insuring that the goals and objectives of the Sigma Beta Clubs are implemented in an organized and unified method. The Sigma Beta Clubs of Phi Beta Sigma offer unique opportunities to exemplify wholesome values, leadership skills, educational enhancement, business training and development, and social and cultural awareness to male youths at a most critical stage in their personal development. The Foundation is responsible for approving the charters of Alumni Chapters within the seven regions of the fraternity and for establishing and promoting programs, projects and activities within Sigma Beta Clubs, inclusive of providing training of chapters and advisors, inclusive of organizing and conducting seminars, and forums for the certification of advisors It also conducts award and recognition programs in recognition of the achievements and accomplishments of Sigma Beta Club Chapters, Advisors and Members. One of the primary functions of the Foundation is to obtain funding to help facilitate the Foundation’s programs and activities for Sigma Beta Clubs and to identify and obtain funding sources to promote Sigma Beta Club activities within the various Sigma Beta Club chapters throughout the Fraternity.

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